Ascension Guide through a custom combination of:

Certified Past Life Regression & BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Hypnotherapy

In the process of ascending to new personal levels we often hit snags that persist no matter how hard we try to release them. They can be from chronic pain, troubling relationship dynamics, emotional and attitude patterns, as well as limiting self doubt.

If these issues have persisted over time despite attempts to change it’s most likely because they are being informed by PAST LIVES.

When we don’t finish a lesson we bring it with us.  In order to ‘know the lesson’, often we will be triggered by a pain, fear, injury or chronic habit to bring the subconscious lesson up so that we can finish it.  

The problem is that we’ve grown up in a world that hasn’t taught us to be more in tune with our subconscious.  So we’re often left, stuck with the suffering and no knowledge of why it’s there.  

Hypnosis allows us access to our own, inner Knowing through our subconscious.  It is simply an easy state of deep relaxation that occurs each night before sleep and every morning upon awakening. It happens when we read a compelling book or are singularly focused on a movie or a day dream. So it feels very familiar. You have full awareness and control throughout the experience.  In traditional, clinical hypnotherapy the practitioner will plant suggestions in this relaxation state such as, “You are no longer compelled to smoke cigarettes”. In PLR and BQH hypnotherapy the client explores their own subconscious with the intuitive guidance of the practitioner. It is a deep access to self discovery where you are able to find your own access to truth, answers and healing. The techniques and system that I’ve been trained in provide instant access to this deep state where you can effortlessly access your past lives, allowing you to remember the lessons and leave the triggers and snags behind.

Release/diffuse the Karmic concerns of:

addictive tendencies
self limiting beliefs
poverty mentality/fear of success
eating disorders
relationship dynamics

Empowers & Awakens:

hidden talents
deeper intuition
greater personal freedom

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is the second component to a session and accesses the Higher Realm of human consciousness. This realm is where you can come into full contact with your Higher Self and access answers to a list of questions that you will provide before you session. (You will be provided information to help you create your list of questions for your session). Most clients have questions about their Soul purpose, career, family life, future goals and so on.  From this place we can also scan your current physical body for any dis-ease we may have not gotten to during the first portion of the session. From here there exists vast potential of outcomes and is easy to reach. This is real magic and where you can access the healing and wisdom you require.

The ANSWERS to our greatest truths, fears, pains and limitations are within us.  This knowledge is your BIRTHRIGHT & it is my deepest honour to be your Guide and to be bringing more awareness to this Remembering.  

2-4 hour session ONLINE (via Zoom/What’s App) or IN PERSON

  • Sessions includes a digital recording

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In order to make this work accessible to more people, I have made a flexible payment structure. 
I ask that you feel into your experience and make a donation that reflects the power of your experience. 

The standard cost of these sessions is between $220-$400 (2-4 hours).
I am so thankful for your generosity. 

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