So you’ve had a session and have fully stepped onto your wider path…congratulations from my deepest honouring. I know it’s not easy. So what’s next?

Usually the path looks like this…for about the next week you will be riding the high from this new influx of Higher Self energy. Life looks a bit more in HD. And then you may start to realize that, like most of us, our peers and families don’t get what’s going on and they might not even like it. It’s pretty common. Usually we’ve been handing our energies over to the people closest to us outside of our own alignment to please them. (Big recovering people-pleaser right here!) When we shift these old habits there’s usually a transition period while our nearest & dearest get used to not being able to push a button and get an energy snack from us every time on-demand. It can be quite challenging. Then, about 2 weeks later while you’re already adjusting, your first ‘test’ comes up. This is when we usually freak out. And we freak out for 2 major reasons:

#1. There’s more of you here now. The stakes are higher and you know it. This is a new opportunity to get it Right, break the old cycle in practice (instead of in theory… which it’s been up until this moment) and create a new timeline with your new-found alignment…all while building new brain pathways.

#2. You’ve never done this before (in this lifetime). These are huge moments.



As you are getting used to the sound and feeling of your Inner Guidance, Team of Light and Cosmic Support it’s good to have someone in the physical to have your back. This is where I may come in.

I act as a sounding board and reflection of the Truths that came through your session/s to help you get used to implementing them in real-time. Typically all it takes is a 20 minute call.

What I’ve created is a 1 call-per-week system for transitional support.

This way our Teams continue to work together and because there is an energy exchange, the calls help keep you on-track, while you’re making these big and new adjustments…

  • Whether it’s friends that are used to vying for your attention and always getting it (we’re all learning here!) and now they’re protesting!

  • Opportunities have come up that require that leap of faith that we talked about and you’re 3D ego-self is being really loud & extra smart.

  • The most extraordinary synchronistic miracle has happened and you’re excited to share it with someone who gets it! (This will become you’re new normal BTW!)

  • An old temptation has come up and you want to nip it in the bud in the most effective way possible…never to see it again.

  • You’re confused because your partner isn’t exactly on the same page while you’re quitting eating meat and meditating every day and she/he is still going to McDonalds 2x a week and watching Walking Dead in bed each night until 2:00 AM but he/she is wonderful and supportive in so many ways…and you want to know how to balance your boundaries with your new ‘be the change’ policy.

  • You’ve been triggered and re-acted and want to know how best to get back on track…fast.

I hold space for you in this higher alignment and often, creating this real-time connection for a 20 minute call is enough to get back into alignment!

It’s good to have someone who gets it from the higher-octave perspective that we achieved during your session. We’re all different and outside of strict and minimal Universal Laws, different things apply to different people. What you’re aiming for is to apply what came up in your session/s to your benefit for your best outcome in service to your Higher Alignment (where we Are all Supported in every way possible).

Remember, this is all about creating pathways to you getting to know your own Alignment better! This transitional process typically takes 2-3 months.

What I offer:

1 x 20 minute call = $36

1 month x 4 calls (1 call per week) = $120

2 months x 8 calls (1 call per week) = $200

3 months x 12 calls (1 call per week) = $270