I’ve put together a list of mantras, vows, decrees and writings to support you during your journey on the Wider Path.

Remember that our words and how we use them are one of the most effective/affecting tools we have as physical beings. We have a WEALTH of support with us at All times and by speaking our wants, desires and decrees aloud it allows our support to be our support. Free will is a fundamental law of this Universe. Without our consent our support can not help (unless our physical lives are in jeopardy).

Read through and feel in your heart and body which ones resonate!

“I know who I Am,

I Know What I Am,

I know how I serve,

I Am free

I Am free

I Am free.”

-Paul Selig


I Invoke, decree and dream Awake the full cellular ascension of my being;

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual in this Now,

with the full support of God/Goddess/Source, the Ascended Master realm to include:

Our Ascended Master Self, Father Saint Germain, Sananda, the Holy Mother Mary, Quan Yin / Goddess of mercy, Archangel Michael and the legions, Ashtar and the entire command, Babaji, Raphael, Gabriel, Clan of the Trumpet Angels, Aboriginal and Tribal Shaman, Goddesses of Fortune, Angels of Light, Elohim, Clan of the Serpents, Shiva, All Christ frequencies, All Animal Totems, Elementals of Fire, Air, Water and Earth,

All Divine Beings of Light, Love and Ascension, named and unnamed,

To activate the cells within my being who are your counterparts.

With the unified power of the One, I decree my highest good always operating in this now.

I decree grace and mercy always operating in this now.

I Invoke decree and dream awake the full truth and reality of Ascension in this Now.

I invoke and dream awake with every breath that I breathe, the violet fire, transmuting my whole being.

I invoke and dream awake the full current of Ascension in every cell of my being.


I invoke and dream awake expanded God consciousness, fully realized in me as unlimited abundance fulfilling my every need and desire.

I invoke and dream awake the ending of procrastination, tiredness, blockages, obstacles and unhealthy belief systems.

I decree immediate abundance in my life.

I invoke and dream awake my liberation from all karmic debt.

I am Infinite Opulence.

I invoke and dream awake my personal empowerment in every instant that anyone is impacted by my Being and Creations.

I invoke and dream awake the Infinite empowerment of my sexual, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial relationship with Life.

I invoke and dream awake sacred sexuality, erotic innocence, and always express the sacredness of sexual force, for pleasure, creativity and healing.

I invoke and dream awake World Universal Healing from all sexual woundedness and shame.

I invoke and dream awake world wide release of all manipulating forces and beings who would control humanity, past, present and future. I invoke the Angels and Ascended Masters to re-align and heal all mis-used energy, to include the full restructuring of our DNA.

I invoke and dream awake the transmutation of all negative and judgmental projections.

I invoke and dream awake my constant ability to be centered and balanced in my psychic perceptions and empathic nature. All overwhelming psychic energies are released by me automatically, easily, effortlessly.

I Am Empowered by Everything!

I invoke and dream awake my Lucid Dreaming each night I sleep and total remembering when I awake.

I invoke and dream awake my Infinite harmony with God/Goddess I Am.

I invoke and dream awake the full expression of my Miraculous Healing Power.

My Life is a continuous stream of Miracles.

I invoke and dream awake my Infinite ability and willingness to receive all Life’s Blessings.

I invoke and dream awake a constant attitude of Gratitude for my whole life, all my Accomplishments and Blessings, including the same for the Universe at Large.

I invoke and dream awake the full Blessings of God/Goddess, the Ascended Masters, Angels, guides and Beings of Light to Bless this Earth.

I invoke and dream awake all my Decrees, Invocations and Prayers I have released to the Universe and open myself to God’s response, support and Love in my Highest Good.

I invoke and dream awake the release of all past, present and future lifetimes of decrees and vows, which would bind me to limitation, lack, density and anything not of Ascension in this now.

I invoke and dream awake the full reclaiming of my Eternal Self as Powerful, Loving and fully aligned in abundant God Consciousness.

I invoke and dream awake the total dissolving of all manipulating forces, which would bind this earth plane in fear.

I invoke and dream awake the influence of the Ascended Master realm and Angels to intercede and raise the vibrations higher, to bring darkness into the Light, raising the frequency of Love and God Consciousness on Planet Earth in this Now.

I Invoke and Dream Awake the Ascension of Planet Earth in this Now!

(by Astarius Miraculii)


Hawaiian prayer and way of BEing


“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”



By chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, we awaken to the reality that within our life is unlimited reserves of courage, wisdom and compassion—that we are in fact Buddhas. Based on this conviction, we can transform any suffering, lead those around us to happiness, and create peace in our communities and the world. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a declaration of the inherent dignity and power within the lives of all people.


Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guroo Dayv-ay Nameh

Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhee Such Nanak Hosee Bhee Such

Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhai Such Nanak Hosee Bhai Such


I bow to the primal Guru, I bow to the thruth that has existed throughout the ages, I bow to True Wisdom, I bow to the Great Divine Wisdom

True in the beginning, true throughout the ages, true even now, Nanak, truth shall ever be.

True in the beginning, true throughout the ages, true even now, Nanak, truth shall ever be.

The Triple mantra reprograms our mind so that we can operate from the Neutral Mind so that we can move out of duality into the dance of universal polarities. The Triple Mantra clears all types of mental, psychic, and physical obstacles in one's daily life. It protects against accidents. It cuts through opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. It strengthens your mind and magnetic field and keeps negativity away. This mantra opens us up to be guided by faith instead of fear. If we are guided by fear, we block ourselves. If we are guided by faith, we open ourselves up to expansion and creation.


I am worthy of love 

I am worthy to love


"I Am that I Am, one with source I Am, Shining bright for all to see, I Am that I Am.


God is Love

Love is Real


Powerfilled writing to in-body:

In accepting the power of who you are there is absolutely no more need or inclination to run away or hide. There is the realisation that the only fight there ever was, was with yourself.
So what is left.
To make peace fully with yourself.
To STOP the fight and observe it running out of your life.
TO STEP BACK into the FLOW of Life and Living.
YOU in the Great Flow, a Flow of Ease and Grace, moving inexorably on to infinite expansion, infinite Possibility, adventure, love and joy.
And the Power of who You ARE, is in the moving to, and complete commitment to, your “inner” reality and the conscious creation of what is “there” and what you are prepared to open to envisage as the realities you want to play in.
The unkind lie that “ true reality “ is ‘out there” and you must accept what others tell you if you don’t know, is to be expunged forever. Relax, create, enjoy, discover, and experiment with your own expansion, your own Truth in Feeling..
It is not about doing “out there”. It is about Being “within”.
This is where creation begins.
Shine, Shine, Shine Beloved Sisters and Brothers


Pwerfilled writing to em-body:

"You chose to come here, to planet earth. You chose this exact time, this exact space and this exact reality, knowing full well what was (is) occurring on this planet. You knew the challenges and temptations you would encounter in your personal life. You set a goal for yourself, that goal is one of the purpose's of life. The goal is to remember who you are. How? Through authentic: love (of self first and then others), compassion (of self first and then others) forgiveness (of self first and then others), and fun." -Gage Gorman