This session is for those who are ready to walk through the door, leaving behind the mundane world and arriving, fully emerged on the Wider Path.

This session has been created for those who know in their heart they are 'Ready'. If this is you, this will resonate. This session includes an in-depth dive into your birth chart, your Soul Purpose reading, and your Human Design profile. We will go into a Past Life/Quantum Hypnotherapy session with the road map we’ve created during the first part of the session. From here we will clear all remaining ties holding you in the stuck patterns keeping you from being your Unified self. We will get you linked up and familiar with your Etheric team so that you can continue to work more closely with their infinite, limitless guidance. This is a full immersion in Trust and letting go to emerge as the Unified YOU that is your birthright.

We will start with a 30 minute complimentary consultation call. Once we have decided to embark on the path to doing this Great Work of initiation together our teams of light will begin preparations for our session. It is always miraculous to witness the immense synchronicities leading up to your session once you have committed to doing the work!

This work is deeply meaningful to me and it is my souls great purpose to hold space for initiation for those who are ready to walk through the door of limitless potential towards a life of supported abundance, adventure and service to All.

And remember, once we walk through this door, there is no going back.


4-5 hours $400-$600